Copper Slag Grit Grain Sizes

لیست 36 گرید تولیدی مسباره ایران گریت

IRGRIT ®is available in 36 different particle sizes derived from mixing eight main produced particle sizes from Turbo ++ to HD++ which enable the user to choose the correct grade based on requirement of cleanliness level (Sa 2, 2.5, 3) and anchor profile (25 – 150 microns).

Copper Slag Grit Chemical compounds

IRGRIT ® is manufactured to conform to the ISO11126-3 and SSPC – AB 1 applicable for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives. IRGRIT ® is vitreous amorphous that absorbs no water but may be wetted on the surface only.

IRGRIT ® is approved by major shipyards, oil and gas companies, paint manufacturers, coating contractors, tank builders and pressure vessel fabricators, offshore yards and construction chemicals.