About Us

General Information

Middle East Copper Slag Grit Company (IRAN GRIT)

IRAN GRIT. pjs® established in 2009, is a 100% private company with most reputed businessmen and business houses of Iran. Its shareholders are the ex-senior managers of National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (NICICO).

The company manufactures a range of Grit from mineral Copper Refinery Slag which converts itself into iron silicate during the smelting and quenching process in the copper smelter. The product is sold under the trade name of IRGRIT®.

IRAN GRIT. pjs® is the sole copper slag grit manufacturer in the Middle East that has ISO 9001:2008 certificate .

Our People

Our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our future. Our people are customer oriented and used to solve problems with team working approach. They have worthy experience in manufacturing sectors.

A picture of Reza Bolandraftar the CEO of IranGrit with an IranGrit flag in the background

Reza Bolandraftar

A picture of Fateme Chiti

Fatemeh Chiti

Vice Chairman and Deputy CEO

Behrad Bolandraftar

Managing Director

Ali al Badri

Iraq Agent

Vahid Neghabi

Financial Manager

Our Vision

We want to uproot the Silicosis which is one of the oldest occupational lung disease caused by Sand Blasting.


Our Mission

We want to be the largest supplier of Copper Slag Grit in the middle east.